Anthropology Classes


Course Schedules Spring

ANTHROPOLOGY Course Outlines


ANTHRO 1          Physical Anthropology
ANTHRO 1L        Physical Anthropology Lab
ANTHRO 2           Cultural Anthropology
ANTHRO 3           Introduction to Archaeology
ANTHRO 19        Forensic Anthropology (New)
ANTHRO 21        American Folklore and Folklife
ANTHRO 30        Anthropology of Globalization
ANTHRO 31        Mesoamerican Origins of Latino Culture
ANTHRO 32        Native Cultures of North America
ANTHRO 34        Native Cultures of California
ANTHRO 43        Native American Art and Culture
ANTHRO 70A    Archaeological Site Survey: Search and Discovery
ANTHRO 70B    Archaeological Excavation: Digging and Documenting
ANTHRO 70C    Archaeological Analysis: Techniques and Understanding
ANTHRO 70D    Archaeological Interpretation: Conclusions and Reporting