Psychology Classes


Course Schedule Fall 

PSYCHOLOGY Course Outlines 


PSYCH 1A     General Psychology
PSYCH 1B     Introduction to Psychological Research Methods
PSYCH 3        Human Sexuality
PSYCH 4        Child and Adolescent Psychology
PSYCH 5        Abnormal Psychology
PSYCH 7        Theories of Personality
PSYCH 8         Introduction to Lifespan Psychology
PSYCH 9        Introduction to Behavioral Sciences Statistics
PSYCH 10     Introduction To Biological Psychology
PSYCH 11     Introduction to Cognitive  Psychology  
PSYCH 14     Introduction To Positive Psychology
PSYCH 30    Social Psychology
PSYCH 34    The Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination
PSYCH 35    Psychology of Identity
PSYCH 40    Psychological Perspectives on Gender
PSYCH 52    Interpersonal Communication
PSYCH 56    Aging, Dying and Death
PSYCH 57    Introduction to Sports Psychology