Behavioral Sciences

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The Behavioral Sciences Department includes the academic disciplines of Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology, and the museum. Department offices are located in Emeritus Hall on the Santa Rosa Campus. To inquire about majors or a career path, you may contact the Department Chair, Dr. Rima DasGupta at 707-522-2645, office 1534.

The Museum houses exhibits and collections of Traditional Native American art of the North American Indian culture which includes ceramics, basketry, beadwork, sculpture, textiles, and jewelry. Also, a collection of ethnographic art serves as a primary resource for multicultural studies in the college curriculum. It is located on the Santa Rosa Campus in Bussman Hall.  Professor Theresa Molino (707-521-6936) welcomes your questions and inquiries.

General information regarding the department may be obtained from the Emeritus Hall Service Center in Office 1551 or you may call 707-527-4228.