The Department of Behavioral Sciences consists of Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology disciplines. Courses satisfying Ethnic, Global, and Environmental Studies requirements are also found within our programs. Together, we are committed to the Mission, Vision, Values, Goals and Objectives of the District as articulated in the Strategic Plan.

As a department, we seek to provide students with the highest quality educational opportunities with culturally relevant and diverse general education courses to prepare them for transfer or degree completion.

We are committed to

  • encouraging intellectual, professional, and creative development by teaching mastery of the theories and data common to our fields, preparing students for careers in professional fields, providing a diverse group of students opportunities to learn about themselves and others, and fostering a complex understanding of the nature of being human in ever-changing and often fragile social, cultural, and natural environments;
  • nurturing the development of critical thinking, writing, reading, oral communication, and quantitative and qualitative analysis as well as a commitment to lifelong learning and international perspectives needed to contribute to communities and fields of endeavor; and
  • supporting faculty in developing ongoing awareness and currency in their academic fields and helping them develop an innovative curriculum and pedagogy that is responsive to the intellectual and professional needs of students.