Anthropology IconAnthropology is the study of human beings - all people who have ever lived in any place or time on earth, from our earliest ancestors to contemporary populations. As an academic discipline, it focuses on the origin, evolution, and interaction of human biology and culture. Anthropology is traditionally divided into four subfields of specialization: physical anthropology - the study of all aspects of our biology, past and present; cultural anthropology - the study of the learned and shared beliefs and behavior of living peoples; anthropological linguistics - the study of language and its origins; and archaeology - the study of ancient human cultures.

At SRJC we offer a wide range of courses to provide a broad background in anthropology, from introductory courses in physical anthropology, cultural anthropology, and archaeology, to courses that deal with specific topics and culture areas. See the College Catalog for details.  


SRJC offers an AA Degree with a major in Anthropology. The major provides a basic foundation for transfer into anthropology majors at the university level. Visit the Anthropology Major site for details.