Welcome to Sociology! Sociology is the systematic and fascinating study of modern societies. Using our Sociological imaginations, we explore how human interaction shapes the societies and cultures in which we live, and, in turn, how social institutions influence decision-making. Sociologists examine patterns of social life, the creation of social order itself, and the important role of relative power and positions in society. Sociologists are also scholars and activists who use social research to fight inequality and pursue meaningful social change. Through courses in our department, we invite you to explore topics such as modern social problems, gender, race & ethnicity, relationships and family, sociological research methods, and the relationship between self & society to help develop your very own Sociological Imagination. Welcome!

Course Schedules

Summer 2024 (Coming Soon)

Course Outlines

SOC 1    Introduction to Sociology
SOC 2    Modern Social Problems
SOC 3    Self and Society
SOC 5    Sociological Research Methods
SOC 10  Close Relationships and Family Life
SOC 15  Introduction to Sociology of Gender
SOC 30  Race and Ethnic Relations

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