Welcome to psychology, the science of human behavior. Psychologists study a wide range of topics from the impact of stress on health to child development to racism to depression and anxiety. Our faculty include experts in clinical, cognitive,  developmental, personality, social, sexuality, and sports psychology. We invite you to join us and learn more about how our minds and brains work.

Course Schedules

Course Outlines

PSYCH 1A  General Psychology
PSYCH 1B  Introduction to Psychological Research Methods
PSYCH 3     Human Sexuality
PSYCH 4     Child and Adolescent Psychology
PSYCH 5     Abnormal Psychology
PSYCH 7     Theories of Personality
PSYCH 8     Introduction to Lifespan Psychology
PSYCH 9     Introduction to Behavioral Sciences Statistics
PSYCH 10   Introduction to Biological Psychology
PSYCH 10L Biological Psychology Lab
PSYCH 11   Introduction to Cognitive  Psychology
PSYCH 14   Introduction to Positive Psychology
PSYCH 15   Introduction to Psychology of Consciousness
PSYCH 30   Social Psychology
PSYCH 34   The Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination
PSYCH 35   Psychology of Personal and Social Adjustment
PSYCH 40   Introduction to Psychology of Gender
PSYCH 56   Aging, Dying, and Death

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